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Are you interested in professional photography? Get behind the camera and develop your vision with this program from Inter-Dec College. The Professional Photography program can help you sharpen your attention-to-detail and develop your artistic sensibility. You will learn traditional and trending methods and go from photography lover to photography master.

With a state-of-the-art photography studio complete with full lighting equipment, students will work with the latest color play, lighting, shadow and reflection techniques of an industry that is booming in Montreal. Modern photography uses digital formats in order to capture images of people, events, and things. You will learn how to elaborate on these images in order to produce the effect you desire. Class size is limited to 18 so that you can get the attention and instruction you need.

Upon graduation, students could find themselves working in a variety of different settings. Photographers are employed by studios, companies, publications and institutions. Often, photographers work as freelancers, and are able to create their schedules and run their own businesses and studios. The equipment and software used at Inter-Dec College is on par with that used in the field, so students will be able to make a smooth transition into the industry.

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· Requisitos

To be considered for admission to a program leading to an attestation of college studies, you must have an education considered sufficient by the College and meet one of the following criteria: • Completion of at least one year of postsecondary studies; • Participation in a government program or an agreement between the College and your employer; • Two semesters or one full school year must have passed since your previous studies (i.e. high school).

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Organizing Photoshoots
Photography Equipment
Conducting Research
Lighting Techniques
Preparing for Different Types of Shoots
Lighting Equipment
Digital Formats


Course Objectives

  • Prepare and organize photo shoots for fashion, makeup, hairdressing, etc.;

  • Determine the qualities you want to highlight on your subject;

  • Master various professional photography equipment;

  • Explore new lighting techniques and angles;

  • Conduct preliminary visual content research.