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Are you passionate about interior design? If you are creative, artistically driven and detail-oriented, this may be the career path for you. The Interior Design Program at LaSalle College will give you the skills to pursue an exciting new career in this field.

With this program you will learn to create beautiful aesthetic spaces and designs, while at the same time keeping the goals and needs of your clients in mind. Students will learn how to select the right materials in order to meet industry standards and will improve their approach to visually and vocally presenting their ideas.

LaSalle College encourages the mastery of technical skills, such as those required to draw out technical plans on a drafting table or computer. At the same time, you will have the chance to work with different shapes, colours, textures, materials and lighting in order to create different interior effects. These interior design courses will help you to incorporate design theory and material & furniture specifications to create 2D and 3D plans.

Upon graduation, students will have the chance to follow one of three career path options: residential, commercial or institutional design, all of which contain numerous opportunities for growth. With a solid background in interior design from LaSalle College, graduates can begin their new careers with confidence.

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Quebec, Canadá
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Quebec, Canadá
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· Requisitos

• Be 19 years of age or High School graduate; • Working knowledge of the English language; • Passionate about fashion and trends; • Have an Interview with an Admissions Representative

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Interior Design I
Colour Theory & Practice
Architectural Standards and CAD I
Illustration I
Visual Language I
Materials & Finishes
Interior Design II
Applied Colour
Advanced Visual Language
Professional development
Architectural Standards & CAD II


Program Curriculum

Semester 1

  • Interior Design I
  • Architectural Standards & CAD I
  • Illustration I
  • Colour Theory & Practice
  • Digital Media I
  • Visual Language I
  • Materials & Finishes

Semester 2

  • Interior Design II
  • Architectural Standards & CAD II
  • Illustration II
  • Applied Colour
  • Digital Media II
  • Visual Language II
  • ID-207-Creative Problem Solving

Semester 3

  • Interior Design III
  • Architectural Standards & CAD III
  • Illustration III
  • Advanced Visual Language
  • Digital Media III
  • Lighting
  • Professional Development

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