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      Are you interested in pursuing a career in fashion design? If you are talented, artistically driven and passionate about fashion and trends, this program is for you. The diploma program from LaSalle College gives students the chance to really get into fashion- from learning the history of fashion and its modern influences to how to sketch designs and bring them to life.

      Some of the skills which you will learn include the art of pattern drafting, draping and sewing. You will also learn freehand drawing techniques and the steps involved in designing a full collection. LaSalle College also focuses on the business aspect of things as well, and students will learn how to market and promote their designs.

      Graduates of the program could find themselves in a wide array of different job functions within fashion design, such as Pattern Drafter, Costume Designer, Fashion Coordinator, Buyer, Researcher, Production Sewer or even writing about fashion.

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      · Requisitos

      Be 19 years of age or High School graduate; • Working knowledge of the English language; • Have an Interview with an Admissions Representative.

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      Pattern Drafting
      Marketing a Collection
      Freehand drawing techniques
      History of Fashion Design
      Influences on Fashion



      • Develop the ability to transform design ideas into garments;

      • Learn the elements, principles and techniques of pattern drafting, draping, sewing and tailoring;

      • Translate fashion concepts into sketches and illustrations using freehand drawing techniques;

      • Learn the history of fashion design and how the economy, society and culture influence fashion trends;

      • Learn to design, create, sell and market a design collection;

      • Recognize job market realities.

      Program Curriculum

      Semester 1

      • Pattern Drafting I
      • Draping I
      • Sewing Fundamentals I
      • Illustration I
      • Introduction to Textiles

      Semester 2

      • Pattern Drafting II
      • Draping II
      • Sewing Fundamentals II
      • Fashion Design
      • Costume History

      Semester 3

      • Pattern Drafting III
      • Sewing Fundamentals III
      • Fashion Concepts Computerized
      • Illustration I
      • Fashion and Society
      • Computerized Pattern Design (PAD)

      Semester 4

      • Construction of Tailored Garments
      • Computerized Illustration II
      • Marketing Characteristics of a Collection I
      • Analysis of Trends

      Semester 5

      • Constructing a Collection
      • Professional Development
      • Characteristics of a Collection II
      • Production of a Label Digital
      • Portfolio

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