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If you have ever dreamed of working in fashion, stage or special effects makeup, take the next step and launch an exciting new career. The Artistic Makeup program at Inter-Dec College can teach you the skills you need to get going.

This course is divided into three sections. Students will study makeup for fashion and beauty, makeup for special effects and the stage, and makeup as a Master Class, in which students will be expected to present a final project to a jury of industry professionals.
With the help of a professional photographer, you will build a
professional portfolio, using the photography studio and equipment at Inter-Dec College. A portfolio consists of 7 photos (8x12) in Fashion & Beauty, 6 photos (8x12) in Stage & Special Effects Techniques and 4 photos (8X12) in Master Class.

At all times during their training, students will receive guidance from their instructors and use of a professional makeup studio setting. This program requires a total of 330 hours, and students can choose if they will complete the program in one semester (66 classes in 15 weeks) or in two semesters (66 classes in 30 weeks). Upon completing all requirements, students should graduate feeling confident in what they've learned and ready to begin an exciting new career in artistic makeup.

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Professional Makeup Techniques
Artistic Makeup
Special Effects
Working with Industry Professionals
Market Demands
Creative Vision
Working on a Photoshoot
Stage Makeup


Course Curriculum:

Artistic Makeup - Fashion & Beauty

• Explore the basic theories behind Artistic Makeup;

• Apply professional makeup techniques based on specific market requirements;

• Produce a portfolio to show off your newly-acquired skills.

Artistic Makeup - Stage & Special Effects Techniques (Fashion & Beauty is a pre-requisite)

• Master makeup techniques and apply them to the entertainment industry;

• Plan, organize and research a professional project and photo shoot;

• Produce a professional portfolio fit for the industry.

Artistic Makeup - Master Class( Fashion & Beauty is a pre-requisite)

• Develop the skills to be an Art Director;

• Present your final project to a jury of industry professionals;

• Compete to have your work published in a magazine

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