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Do not stay behind in terms of advances and developments, today you can choose to improve your working conditions, with this training in Summer Course in Fashion Design Junior, given by IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design and that Emagister adds to its catalog of courses, to give you the best training.

The Junior Summer Course in Fashion Design is geared towards young students who have a very clear intention of becoming Fashion designers (this course will provide them with more specific knowledge about the different steps in the design process), as well as youngsters who have still not decided which professional path they are going to follow and are keen to gain some experience in the world of design.

Take this opportunity to train and get a degree that will open the doors of professional success, If you are interested, click on the information button that Emagister that is included in the course page.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: The course is intended to boost motivation, confidence and self-knowledge, so that the students incorporate the experiences they learn into their own academic path and personal life, and they gain a better understanding of the way fashion designers think and work.

The syllabus is conceived to build up a space where each one of them can create bonds and share their distinctive features. The course provides the technical knowledge needed so that the students can each develop their own fashion-related ideas.

The fashion design process is laid out so that they can understand how important observation, research, concept association, logic and communication are for developing a concept. This development allows the research, experimentation, modelling and different representational techniques to be put into practice. A sketchbook will be created to document the entire creative process and from this material a portfolio will be built up.

¿Esta formación es para mi?: Young students between 15 and 18 years old who are keen to get started in the world of fashion and find out if this is the academic field in which they want to build a career.

Young students with artistic or creative skills related to the fashion industry who are looking to learn first-hand about the sector’s professional reality guided by professional lecturers, and to enhance and foster their skills and compare them with their peers’.

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?: The center will contact you once you send your information through the form.

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  • Modista
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Fashion trend research

This is the discipline that identifies social trends related to consumerism and fashion. Fashion Coolhunting offers a global view of the fashion industry, teaching real-world, basic techniques for hunting down trends. Trend studios that work constantly on trend analysis and research in order to predict them have become key reference points for all kinds of industries and sectors, not only in the field of fashion, which use their services to focus their production.

This class collects information and analyses the concepts that develop in our society and culture.


Illustrations, in the broadest sense, have always been used to document the fashions and customs of society as a reflection of the era; they offer a path through the rites of beauty and clothing, observing the language of the textiles, their drape and their subsequent interpretation using different techniques, creating new ways to visualise and compose an image of fashion. All the illustration classes are practical. The students will experiment with different techniques and media, discovering ways to improve upon the visual communication of a fashion collection.

In this class, there will be exercises in anatomy, textures and proportions so that the students can make a start and be trained in the world of fashion drawing. It provides an introduction to various techniques, such as watercolour, collage and pencil drawing.

Concept development

Moulage is the art of modelling fabric on a mannequin, a technique used by the great fashion designers to bring their ideas to life that has been compared on innumerable occasions with the work done by a painter on canvas. This technique leads to new cuts and volumes through improvisation and intuition.

Moulage Couture is based on answering the students' queries about their creative process by teaching them the different ways to create a garment from a more creative viewpoint.

All this work is aimed at obtaining a final portfolio.

Fashion Design

Fashion design is the central pillar of the course as it brings together all the content worked on in the different classes and it is the space in which new visual and creative languages are investigated.

The work begins with the development of the concept and an investigation into the volume and silhouette of the garment that is to be made (research techniques using moodboards, creativity exercises and innovative concepts, all entered into the sketchbook). The basics are essential for defining the development of a collection and the final prototype.

Summer Course in Fashion Design Junior

$ 1.377

*Precio estimado

Importe original en EUR:

1.150 €