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Emagister offers you this catering and cooking course so that you can turn your passion into a very exciting profession! Many people take advantage of meal time to foster personal or professional relationships. In addition, having food attended by a professional is a necessity at various times. Therefore, there will always be places for a culinary expert like you.

Become a catering and acquire important cooking skills. This course offers the opportunity to interact and learn with highly qualified and experienced professionals and cooking masters. It also allows you to access a profession that will continue to grow while society demands food.

Whether you are employed in a hotel, restaurant, resort or start your own personal chef or a catering business at home, you will enjoy the excitement, diversity and money that this industry has to offer. Society has changed towards a culture of eating out. Both restaurants and hotel facilities, both nationally and globally, professionals competent in cooking and catering are requested. This is a profession that will always exist and will be growing. People will always need to eat out or hire catering services at events and numerous occasions.

Start reaping the benefits by enrolling in this interesting course today! We invite you to contact our advisors through Emagister so that you can receive more information.

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Anyone with a dream and desire to succeed in cooking and catering.



Distance Learning


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Food Technology
Human Nutrition
Food Hygiene
Food Preparation
Food Service
Balanced Diet
Diet and nutrition
Food safety
Food Science
Menu elaboration
Menu planning
Food Nutrition
Personal Management
Alcoholic Beverages
Non-Alcoholic Beverages


1             Human Nutrition

2             Cooking

3             Kitchen and food nutrition

4             Planning a Menu

5             Alcoholic Beverages

6             Tea, Coffee and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

7             Scope and Nature of Catering Services

8             Personal Management

9             Management of Catering Services

10           Menu Planning on a Small Scale

11           Menu Planning on a Large Scale