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MSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management

Oliver Butxon

Lo mejor: Gave me a sense of tolerance to different ways of thinking in order to achieve the same products and I think this has been very useful in my job.
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Curso realizado: Agosto 2016
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MSc in Strategic Business Management

Eric Canales

Lo mejor: I decided to study online because it is very difficult to work fulltime and trying to go to classroom every day. Fortunately, it was a good decision.
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Curso realizado: Junio 2015
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De Broc is part of The University of Law, a prestigious university with over a century of experience in training students to become successful leaders in their chosen profession. De Broc builds on these strong traditions of close student support, exceptional teaching quality and career focus.

A degree from us will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to apply for your first job and throughout your future career.

De Broc School of Business